Best Selling Author

Jeong Myeong Seok has published over 25 books including the best selling series “Spiritual Poem 3 and 4” (2013 Kyobo Bookstore), the 3 book series “The Message of Life,” the 3 book series “Words of Salvation,” the 9 book proverb collection “Heaven’s Words, My Words,” the 4 book proverb and drawings collection “Heaven’s Words, My Words (Proverbs with drawings)”, and the 2 book series “Lamplight of the Sun.”


The Message of Life Series 생명의 말씀

This book series contain the messages about the matchmaker for Christ, heaven’s wedding banquet, spiritual blindness, salvation, the beautiful people who look to God, not looking back after listening to the words, God’s history, repentance, God’s trumpet of the word, three basic faith tenets of providence members, and so on: 78 pieces of writings.

Words of Salvation Series 구원의 말씀

There are tens of thousands of books in the world but not one is properly written about salvation. That is why he wrote the book on salvation. It took 6 years to write and over 20 years of struggling to realize the complete truth and receive the salvation of these times.

Originally, Jung Myung Seok wanted to write about hell. He wanted to write a book that told people, “Hell is a terrible place. Therefore, don’t go there.” To convey that message, he wanted to write a detailed description of hell and then conclude with the message, “Therefore, believe in God so you will be spared from hell. And also believe in the Messiah.” But then, he heard a voice that told him, “do you think people go to hell because they don’t know that hell is a terrible place? They go to hell even though they know what it is like.”

Then he wanted to write about heaven. However, he heard a same voice tell him, “do you think people don’t go to heaven because they don’t know that it is a great place? Why are there so many people who’ve failed to go there? Everybody knows that heaven is a great place. The reason people don’t go to heaven is not because they don’t know.”

As a result of these voices, he thought a long time about what to write. Then he concluded, “Salvation is the only thing I can write about. If people receive salvation, they will go to heaven and avoid hell.” The salvation book is the book that he wrote as a result of those realizations.

This book is not just a book about salvation as a theory; it is a book written based on the salvation history God is making in the present time. That is why this book is so realistic. Because a book about salvation cannot be written unless Jesus teaches it to him, he had to pray deeper than he had prayed before and he had to write it with all his heart, will, and life. The salvation book can be seen as the instruction for salvation that God brings to this time period in a way that fits. (ref)

Heaven’s Words, My Words Series 하늘말 내말

Heaven’s Words, My Words: Proverbs with Drawings (Series) 하늘말 내말: 그림있는 잠언

Lamplight of the Sun Series 해의등불

The Reason for his Labor

With more than 25 books and still more in the pipeline, Jeong Myeong Seok writes with his life on the line in order to record the Words of God for generations to come, that they may learn thoroughly about the Trinity’s work for a 1000 years to come.

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